Meet for Christmas and celebrate birthdays

2023 Joyful Christmas Fourth Quarter Employee Birthday Party was held as scheduled. A fantastic Christmas party met with a warm birthday celebration, which multiplied the sense of happiness. The activity site was bustling and full of laughter and warmth. Let’s review this moment full of warmth and happiness.

The perfect combination of Christmas party and birthday celebrations made everyone feel double happiness. The activity site was full of joy everywhere, with interesting games, delicious food, and the warmest blessings and surprise gifts, which made every employee immersed in the happy atmosphere.

The wonderful moments in the activity highlighted the team’s cohesion and cooperation spirit. From a variety of interesting game challenges, everyone showed the excellent qualities of unity and cooperation, agility and accuracy, and jointly created a joyful atmosphere.

In addition, the setting of points for the practice of corporate culture has inspired everyone’s enthusiasm and participation, making everyone more enthusiastic in the activities. At the same time, the commendation for the advanced workers of the company’s cultural practice is to motivate everyone to keep up the good work and create a good cultural atmosphere together.

The selection of the most beautiful Renhotec people shows the company’s recognition and attention to the values and behaviors, and the performance of Hu Kaixing, Zhang Huihua, and Wu Jing is highly affirmed by the company, which is worthy of our common learning and commendation.

Birthday celebration is to let everyone feel the company’s care and blessings for each employee, so that the birthday students harvested warm wishes and well-prepared gifts, so that we all wish for a better future.

Finally, the success of the event cannot be separated from the joint efforts and participation of all employees, let us join hands together, pass love and warmth, in this big family together to create the most loving collective atmosphere so that every employee can feel the warmth, happiness and cohesion!

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