Renhotec-SMA-Cable Assemblies

Renhotec offers a diverse range of SMA cable assemblies that cater to your needs. Our in-series SMA cable assemblies come with connectors on both sides of the cable, while our between-series SMA cable assemblies have connectors on one side with another connector series on the opposite side. All our SMA cable assemblies have a 50-ohm impedance, and the maximum frequency varies based on connector and cable selection.

We provide various RF connector options, including straight and right-angle plugs and jacks. Jacks come with or without panel mounting options, and we offer rear-mount and front-mount bulkhead configurations. Made of either brass or stainless steel, these connectors feature gold-plated or passivated bodies. Our between-series SMA cable assemblies come with a variety of connector options, such as SMA to AMC, AMC4, BNC, MCX, MMCX, Type N, RF Probe, and SMP connectors.

We offer different cable types, including flexible RG cables, low-loss cables, and hand-formable semi-rigid options. Additionally, we provide precision test cable assemblies specifically designed with phase stability in mind.

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