Renhotec N Type Cable Assemblies
Renhotec’s type F cable assembly product line offers a range of 418 standard and customized products, all featuring our flexible cable technology. Our type F cable assemblies are crafted with 13 unique cable types and 11 different type F connectors and can be combined with either BNC or type F connectors.
With Renhotec, you can choose from 48 unique combinations of cable length, REACH, RoHS compliance, mount type, connector polarity, angle, and 75-ohm impedance. All assemblies are tested for continuity, and comprehensive RF testing is available.
Our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility boasts the widest inventory of RF and microwave components available, allowing us to build and ship your type F cable assemblies on the same day. Our team of experts is always ready to provide technical support and superior customer service.

F Type Cable Assembly Series

F Type to FME Cable Assemblies
F Type to MCX Cable Assemblies

F Type to SMB Cable Assemblies
F Type to UHF Cable Assemblies

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