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Renhtoec has a broad selection of BNC cable assemblies available, including both in-series and between-series options. In-series assemblies feature BNC connectors on both ends of the cable, while between-series assemblies have BNC connectors on one end and a different connector option on the other. We offer a range of between-series configurations, such as BNC to 1.0-2.3, AMC, HD-BNC, MCX, Mini-SMB, MMCX, SMA, SMB, and SMZ connectors. We also have single-ended assemblies with 50 to 75-ohm impedance cables and connectors, with different maximum frequency options based on the chosen cable and connector.

Our BNC cable assemblies are compatible with various RF connector options, including straight and right-angle plugs and jacks. Jacks are available with or without panel mounting, and we have both rear and front-mount bulkhead configurations available. Our connectors typically feature brass construction with nickel plating, while male contacts have gold plating and female contacts are made of beryllium copper or phosphor bronze with gold plating.

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