Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival and Celebrate Your Birthday Together” Theme Activity

Mid-Autumn Activities

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or the Reunion Festival, is a traditional Chinese folk holiday that symbolizes family reunions and longing for loved ones. On this auspicious occasion, coinciding with Renhotec Corporation’s third-quarter employee birthday celebration, the company has organized the themed event “Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Festival and Celebrate Your Birthday Together” Theme Activity, demonstrate corporate care, and enhance team cohesion and employee belonging.


Game Session

At the beginning of the activity, all the employees were enthusiastic and followed the rhythm of the host to have a happy clap to warm up the interaction. Games such as paper clips and riddles made everyone have fun, and the lucky draw session brought the atmosphere to a climax.

Recognition Session

In the commendation session, the company selected four representative “Most Beautiful Renhotec People” for the first time, and prepared exquisite prizes, ribbons and honorary certificates for them. The Most Beautiful Renhotec People” is not only a title and an honor, but also a benchmark and direction for all Renhotec people, and we believe that under the joint efforts of more and more “Most Beautiful Renhotec People”, Renhotec will be able to ride the wind and waves, and go steady and far.


Birthday Party

The birthday party session at the end of the day was a great opportunity for everyone to feel the company and warmth of their families. We sang birthday songs, made wishes, blew out candles and received gifts. In such a beautiful September, we ushered in the third quarter birthday party of our Renhao family members, which made everyone feel the warmth of home and the care of the company.


On this Mid-Autumn Festival, let’s wish “a full moon, peace and happiness for the people, and prosperity for the nation”. We believe that with our joint efforts, our country will be more prosperous, our lives will be happier and our future will be bright!

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