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Renhotec at 26th International Exhibition of Electronics 2024

Dear Customers and Partners, We warmly invite you to the 26th International Electronics Exhibition. It’s-[More]

What is Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cable is a multifunctional transmission medium for analog and digital signal transmission, widely used-[More]

Renhotec SMA Cables: Reliable High-Frequency Solutions

Renhotec high-frequency SMA cables have a wide frequency range covering the high-frequency range of 0-30-[More]

Renhotec Introduces New SMP Adapter

Recently, Renhotec has launched new SMP adapters for a wide range of frequencies up to-[More]

Meet for Christmas and celebrate birthdays

2023 Joyful Christmas Fourth Quarter Employee Birthday Party was held as scheduled. A fantastic Christmas-[More]

Unraveling the Utility: RS and PC Series Connectors in Electrical Circuits

In the world of circuits, connectors are the unsung heroes of ensuring seamless and reliable-[More]


Renhotec at Electronics South 2023

Dear Customers and Partners, We are pleased to announce our company’s upcoming participation in the-[More]

Enabling High-Speed Connectivity: The Versatile Camera Link Cable

Camera Link, a standard developed by a consortium of camera and frame grabber manufacturers, provides-[More]