How to Install the RF Coaxial Connector?


Lately, we’ve been inundated with queries from customers asking, “How do I install an RF Coaxial connector?” When it comes to the installation of RF coaxial connector, here’s a concise breakdown of the three essential steps. Here, our Renhotec Engineer provides a comprehensive explanation to guide you through the process.

Necessary Tools

Crimp Tool for Flexible Cable: This versatile tool is designed for cables with an outer diameter (OD) ranging from Φ2.5 to Φ10.5. It’s compatible with various RF coaxial connectors.

Mounting Tool for Semi-Rigid Cable: Tailored for use with SMA connectors employing SFT-50-2 (RG405/U) and SFT-50-3 (RG402/U) semi-rigid cables. This tool may also suit other RF connectors for similar cables.

Installation Methods and Procedures


For Flexible Cable

Strip Cable: Employ a wire stripper and blade to strip the cable as per the specified dimensions in the drawing. Ensure not to damage the cable’s contact, insulator, or shield.

Solder Center Contact: Attach the clip and solder the pin of the connector to the center contact of the cable using solder with a melting point above +125°C. Caution: Avoid overheating to prevent cable insulation damage.

Crimp Outer Conductor: Use the crimping tool to secure the sleeve and cable, ensuring a solid

connection between the conductor and the shield.
Install Heat Shrinkable Tube: Apply even heat using an air blower gun to tighten the heat-shrinkable tube.

For Semi-Rigid Cable



Strip Cable: Use a lathe or a specialized tool to strip the cable to the dimensions outlined in the drawing.

Solder Center Contact: Solder the outer conductor using solder with a melting point above +150°C. For the inner conductor, employ solder with a melting point above +125°C.


After assembly, the cable should undergo testing for contact resistance, insulation resistance, and medium voltage resistance.

This is a comprehensive guide on “How to Install RF Coaxial Connectors”. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our team of professional engineers will be ready to answer your questions.

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