The form and structure of the electronic connector are various, and various types of electronic connectors are available depending on the application object, frequency, power, application environment, and the like. The production process of electronic connectors is basically composed of four parts: stamping, electroplating, injection molding and assembly. This paper mainly introduces the plug-in force testing process of electronic connectors by Renhotec, a connector manufacturer in Shenzhen.


1. Test purpose

The purpose of the plug-in force test of the electronic connector is to specify a standard method for determining the required insertion force between the electronic connectors or the insertion and removal force required for the protective cover and the connector.

2. Preparation before testing

At the time of testing, the test sample consisted of a plug and a contactable end socket, and the samples must match unless otherwise specified. The sample shall consist of all available hardware including the core, terminal, iron shell, shield, screw or guide. The auxiliary clips, jigs, etc. used should be prepared before testing.

Test method

The insertion force test is to place the two pluggable electronic connectors in the initial position of the mechanical insertion, and the readings of the force gauge and the torque gauge are both zero. Fully insert the connector at a progressive force rate as described in the specifications and record the insertion force peak. The pullout force test is to fully pull out the plug connector at a progressive force rate as described in the specifications, and record the pullout force value.

Four matters needing attention

In the test, the dynamometer dial should be placed in the appropriate position of the connector so that the reading pointer is in the middle of the gauge, such an operating gauge can be accurate to ± 2%. Samples do not require any method of lubrication or cleaning unless otherwise stated in the specification.

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