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Greetings from Renhotec

Welcome to Renhotecrf.com! Our slogan is Make Connection Easier……

Renhotec Group was founded in May of  2005, specializes in manufacture and export variety of electronic connectors for more than 15 years. You could get almost all usual Connectors, Adaptors,  cable assemblies from us in good factory price.

As the top manufacturer and supplier of electronic connectors in China, we highly regard our products quality to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We believe our company can definitely provide more value to our customers.

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Our History

How We Make RF Products

Stamping Workshop

Insert Metal Plate between the top and bottom mold, and then apply pressure to cut the plate. Ideal for mass production as high production capacity with only one die mold.

Production Parts

Contact Pin / Iron Stand / some small accessories for electrical connectors.

Moulding Workshop

Forcing the molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. In Renhotec, this workshop is main for die casting moulding to make Zinc Alloy parts.

Production Parts

Metal body (Zinc Alloy)

Injection Moulding Workshop

Injection moulding requires to transfer the polymeric material in powder or granule form from a feed hopper to a heated barrel. And then the plastic melted and injected into a mould.

Production Parts

Plastic part, include plastic case, caps and part of insulators for RF connectors.

Lathe Turning

Lathe is used to remove unwanted material from a cylindrical workpieces by machine tool. In Renhotec, we used lathe to produce copper parts and insulators (like Teflon).

Production Parts

Matel body and accessories made by copper, Insulators