1. Be clear about the types of cables in real conditions
The preparatory work before selecting the cable assembly includes the classification of the types. Only when the category of the cable is clarified, can you find a category with a high degree of fit from the many components. Do not ignore this step lightly. Based on this consideration, the work that needs to be put in place now is to clarify the types of cables in reality, and then the purchase can be targeted.

2. Comprehensive comparison of the reputation of the sales agency
The preparatory work before selecting the cable assembly also includes the investigation of the affiliated institutions. It is not possible to maintain a single vision, but to do everything in detail, especially the qualifications and reputation of the institution. Be sure to look for a good brand and reputable cable assembly, so that you can clearly know the true status of the assembly in the hearts of other consumers.

3. Master some of the purchasing skills of components
In the face of customers who have never been in contact with cable assemblies, in addition to knowing a part of the basic knowledge about the components, they also need to master some component purchase skills as much as possible, such as how to evaluate the quality of the components.