The main function of the electronic connector is to connect the device and the circuit together, and provide reliable transmission performance, and the electronic connector is manufactured by a variety of processing techniques, this article Renhotec connector engineers mainly explain the two main components of electronic connector.

Components of electronic connectors

Most electronic connectors are composed of two main parts: a shell and a terminal. The shell is used to fix the terminal, stabilize the connection and protect the contact from short circuits and various environmental hazards. The shell is usually made of some type of molded plastic It can be made of any type of insulating material (such as ceramic).

Electronic connectors make electronic products easier to assemble and manufacture, simplify circuit maintenance, and provide design and modification flexibility. Electronic connectors are widely used in the circuits of communications, computers, industrial machinery and consumer electronics. The terminal pins in the connectors provide reliable conductivity and are usually composed of metal, but any conductive material (such as carbon or silicon) can be used .

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