RF Connectors For Telecom Applications

Renhotec provide RF communication system solution for telecommunication industry, to transfer signs, signals, messages, writings, images and sounds or intelligence of any nature for long distance by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems.

The method of long-distance communication changed constantly from early beacons, flags, smogs to telegraph, telephone, radio, TV and then Internet. Telecom has totally changed the way we live and the way the world works.


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  • Competitive Factory Price and reliable quality products made in Shenzhen, the largest electronics manufacturing base in the world. With 12 months guarantee.
  • OEM and ODM available to meet your unique and cost efficiency design. We could also modify the current design for you if needed. 
  • Free sample available for test before you place the bulk order.
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Application of Telecom RF Connectors

Boardband is a wide bandwidth data transmission to simultaneously transport multiple signals and traffic types by coaxial cable, optical fiber, radio or twisted pair.

  • Set-top Boxes(STB)- Also called cable box to turning the source signal into content that can be display on the TV or other display device.
  • Wireless Router- A device used to provide access to the internet or a private computer network.
  • Converged Cable Assess Platforms(CCAP)- Proposes to combine edge QAM technology and the CMTS technology in one device.
  • Edge QAM- A device used to supporting additional advanced and next-generation services for hybrid fiber coaxial networks.
  • Cable Modem Termination System(CMTS)- A equipment used in Cable company for high speed data services, such as cable internet and voice over internet protocol.

Boardcast is distribution of audio and/or video content or other messages to a dispersed audience via electronic mass communications medium in a one-to-many model.

  • Video Encoders- A device to connect CCTV, or analog, camera into a NVR as a hybrid analog/IP video surveillance system.
  • Video surveillance- Used for security systems and Traffic cameras and so on.
  • Mobile Broadcast- Also called cell broadcast, means a technology to broadcast messages to all mobile handsets and similar devices within a designated geographical area.
  • Multiviewers- To combine multiple video or computer sources onto a single display.
  • Digital Signage- A device to display content like digital images, video, streaming media and information on LCD, LED or projection.

Wireless used to transfer information or power between two or more points that are not connected directly by an electrical conductor.

  • Wireless Base Station- A fixed communications location as a part of network’s wireless telephone system.
  • Wireless Base Station- A fixed communications location as a part of network’s wireless telephone system.
  • Wireless-WAN- A wireless wide area network to use mobile telecommunication cellular network technologies to transfer data.
  • GPRS- General packet radio service, a packet oriented mobile data service on 2G and 3G cellular communication system’s global system for mobile communications.

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