Renhotec logo

The Renhotec logo combines and links the first letters of the brand with 2 Rs and 2 hs to form a square seal-shaped electronic chip. The seamlessly linked lines are powerful, stylish and orderly, presenting a powerful and magnificent technological layout. It looks like two abstract handshake people in positive sunshine.

The initials are 2 Rs and 2 hs, highlighting the attributes of the brand name, blending into the soul of the brand, concise and internationalized, in a double-pair form. Highlight the product characteristics of electronic connectors and the attributes of the wire harness and cable industry. Safe, firm, seamless and powerful.

Electronic chips, AI intelligent brand high-tech technical support, showing the quality of intelligent production of products, leading position in the industry.

The square seal, the connotation of Chinese culture, the representative of honesty and authority, is powerful. Benevolence and integrity establish this foundation, and the future is like the vast stars. Highlight brand culture, strength, and trustworthy quality.

Golden edges, gold medal quality, nobility, purple represents the corporate development of Ziqi Donglai, bringing customers an extraordinary auspicious life.

Renhotec logo official update instructions

Renhotec logo official update instructions