We are together

Autumn is a harvest and beautiful season. The temperature is very comfortable. Not only the sky is blue but also the clouds are pretty white. In order to enhance teamwork skills as well as cooperation between departments, Renhotech Group Ltd organized a team of 12 employees to go to Magnolia farm area to carry out a one-day outdoor expansion activities on October 31.


The theme of this expansion training was working hard and advancing win-win cooperation. We aimed to create a unity and cooperation, full of passion outstanding team. Everyone was full of enthusiasm and desiring to performed better, so as to get good results in the expansion activities.



After reaching the expansion base, we were divided into yellow and red teams, each team had their team captain and team secretary, to select the team’s name, Logo, team song as well as formation. All of these procedures are limited to complete in only 10 minutes. This is a test of our team spirit, similarly in our cooperation. Despite the short time, our yellow team “ Electric Bee Team ” as well as the red team “ Wolf Team ” all gave excellent answers.



In the afternoon, we also carried out outdoor activities such as water skiing, bamboo racking and tightrope walking. Everyone was very happy and enthusiastically participating in the activities.



Then everyone gave a summary report of the stage of work, which much convinced us of the team’s direction. We were touched by our teammates and touched by ourselves. Through the outdoor expansion, we have got the significance of responsibility, thus the values of teams. So in the future work and life, we should trust more about our teammates, help each other and advance win-win cooperation. No matter under what circumstances ,we believe we can create a miracle. Because “we are together!” Sincerely hope that our team is getting better and better!