Electronic products are everywhere in our lives. With the improvement of people’s living standards, nowadays, it is an era of focusing on product quality. No matter what kind of products, the quality of products will directly affect the user experience. This article describes the components “connectors” that are needed in electronic products, and the material cost of producing connectors is composed of three parts: hardware (terminal), molded part (rubber core), and surface plating. In addition to some of the world’s leading connector brand manufacturers will have their own connector product plating process, generally speaking, the electroplating process of the small and medium-sized connector manufacturer’s hardware surface is outward processing, and the connector material hardware The quality of the surface plating directly affects the brand name of a connector manufacturer in the industry. Therefore, it is a crucial part to establish a long-term and effective connector quality management mechanism for connectors. The following is the need for the quality management mechanism of the connector plating process.


First point: establish long-term cooperation with electroplating manufacturers

1. The connector manufacturer should establish a long-term cooperative relationship with 2-3 electroplating manufacturers. Remember to reduce the cost at the same time, and frequently change the electroplating manufacturer. In order to facilitate the management of the product docking, it is best to drive with the electroplating manufacturer. Can be controlled within 1-4 hours.

2. In order to facilitate the management of the quality stability and traceability of many electroplating factories, connector manufacturers can adopt different series of products, choose different electroplating manufacturers, and do not have multiple electroplating manufacturers to carry out electroplating in the same series of products.

The second point: the supplier management mechanism for common development

1. The connector manufacturer shall rate the PK of the quality, delivery, and coordination of the electroplating plant once a month.

2. The connector manufacturer shall require the electroplating plant in accordance with the AIAG CQI-11 electroplating system standard, and conduct regular management review, at least 1 time/year.

3. The quality technology review and improvement meeting of the connector manufacturer and the electroplating manufacturer should be carried out regularly; at the same time, the communication and execution of the customer requirements, the connector manufacturer and the electroplating manufacturer should be synchronized.

Third point: Connector manufacturer’s ability to verify plating products

1. The electroplating product feeding verification project is completely synchronized with the electroplating manufacturer, and it is necessary to verify the plating film thickness, tin eating property, adhesion, solder heat resistance, corrosion resistance and the like.

2. Electroplating manufacturers must have at least verification equipment, such as: film thickness tester, salt spray tester, high temperature oven, dip tin balance, 10-50 times microscope.

3. The electroplating product should be set according to the plating batch number. The electroplating product of the same batch is set as an inspection lot, and then the sampling is performed according to the reel flow number of the batch, which can reduce the sampling failure.

Fourth point: connector manufacturer storage and flow management

1. The length of time for electroplating products (terminals, gaskets) to be assembled from the warehouse to the workshop should be controlled within 7 working days.

2. Conditional connector manufacturer, qualified from the plating product, and then into the waterproof bag + desiccant seal stored in the constant temperature and humidity warehouse is better.

3. Electroplating products must be stored in a constant temperature and humidity warehouse. The storage conditions are: temperature 20 +/- 8 degrees, humidity below 65%; in the industry, the general standard is temperature 30 +/- 8 degrees, humidity below 75%.

Fifth point: Connector manufacturers trace and package electroplated products

1. After the connector manufacturer assembles the product in the production workshop, all vacuum packaging should be carried out, so as to prevent the poor plating caused by the moisture in the transportation after the finished product leaves the factory.

2. Establish a trace management mechanism for the connector product batch management. The connector manufacturer can trace the information such as the terminal stamping batch and the terminal plating batch with the batch number in the label of the product, so that when the client has bad feedback. The connector manufacturer can report the problem batch in the first time to prevent bad repeatability, thereby reducing the bad losses of both parties.

In summary, no matter which one of the electronic products constitutes a large piece, the quality details of each product are crucial for the user. Connectors are the details of each electronic device’s survival, and the cost of the connector is negligible for the cost of the electronics itself. This has led to the ultimate pursuit of connector quality by users, and how to provide high-quality connector products for users is a key issue that every connector manufacturer needs to seriously consider.