AI is the abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence in English. It is a new technical science that studies and develops theories, methods, techniques and application systems for simulating, extending and extending human intelligence. With the increasingly fierce competition in the global manufacturing industry, the labor costs will become higher and higher. In addition to the fiery heat of artificial intelligence today, what impact will it have on the traditional electronics manufacturing industry?


With the development trend of artificial intelligence today, the future electronics industry will certainly bring about different changes. The focus of artificial intelligence is on connecting systems, so the electronic connector industry may be affected because AI (Artificial Intelligence) may change the way connectors are used, and the way they are manufactured or the technology used to make connector products. If in the future, the connector industry will face such a dilemma, we should be a connector manufacturer, and seek truth from facts, and insist on seeking breakthroughs in connector technology research and development.

At present, the most important thing is application change artificial intelligence (AI), and these components are secondary in new processors, fast interconnect devices, good quality sensors or new memory chips. Whether the real problem of the connector industry can meet the needs in the artificial intelligence connection system, how to face the massive revolutionary high-tech, legal patent, competitiveness and the inevitable result of a large amount of artificial intelligence brought by (AI) Standard questions, etc.

Manufacturers in the connector industry need to be brave enough to face the impact of the trend of the times. Nowadays, the development of technology is accelerating, so the connection technology of the connector industry and the research and development of new products cannot be dropped. In the connector industry today, connector manufacturers should follow these four basic principles;

1. As a connector manufacturer, you should have a better understanding of the connector products than the customer.

2. As a connector manufacturer, you must have the skills and production equipment for mass production.

3. Products developed by connector manufacturers should use a patent portfolio to protect their business models.

4. The connector manufacturer shall ensure the reliability of its products during use and avoid application failures.