As an important electrical component used in the whole machine or system, whether it can operate stably and exert its performance directly affects the reliability of the equipment or system. The structural design, production process, raw material quality, quality inspection system and other aspects of the radio frequency connector in the manufacturing process are closely related to the reliability of the radio frequency connector. How do we ensure the reliability of RF connector products?

1.Proper use of manufacturing materials
In order to ensure the continuity of the transmission of the RF connector, great attention has been paid to the selection of materials. For the elastic contacts, we choose silicomanganese bronze with better elastic mold. For the center contact, we will use materials with the same expansion coefficient (or similar). The surface of the contact is also plated with a precious metal with low resistivity.

2.Robust mechanical structure design
We have made great efforts in the design of the mechanical structure and will fully consider the problem of thread loosening. The connecting screw sleeve of the threaded connector has a flat part for the wrench to tighten, and a safety wire hole is reserved on the connector for the safety wire to prevent loosening of the thread after the connector is screwed. In addition, attention will be paid to the fixation of the center contact on the panel socket (or plug).

3.Detailed explanation of usage
After customers purchase RF connector products, they will design themselves to install cables. In the process of assembling the cable, improper operation will also cause the reliability of the RF connector to decrease. We will provide detailed information such as assembly specifications, tooling or tooling drawings so that customers can correctly complete the assembly work.

Generally, we will improve the reliability of the use of RF connectors by using appropriate manufacturing materials, designing reasonable mechanical structures, and having listed detailed instructions. At the same time, we are continuing to develop and upgrade radio frequency connectors in order to greatly improve the stability of the connectors from the product performance.