RF Connectors For Automotive Applications

Renhotec‘s high performance RF Coaxial Connectors used for telematics in automotive industry. The main application include GPS(Global Positioning System), Satellite Radio, Bluetooth, WiFi and also Cellular for vehicles autonomous navigation and in-vehicle entertainment.


Benefits and Features:

  • Competitive Factory Price and reliable quality products made in Shenzhen, the largest electronics manufacturing base in the world. With 12 months guarantee.
  • OEM and ODM available to meet your unique and cost efficiency design. We could also modify the current design for you if needed. 
  • Free sample available for test before you place the bulk order.
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Application of Automotive RF Connectors

  • GPS-Global navigation satellite system provide geolocation and time information.
  • Satellite Radio-Radio Services that use satellite circling Earth to broadcast its programming.
  • Bluetooth-A wireless standard to exchange date over short distances from different devices.
  • WiFi-Wireless local area network(WLAN) based on IEEE802.11 standards.
  • WiFi-Wireless local area network(WLAN) based on IEEE802.11 standards.
  • Wireless Vehicle Controls-To control the starting, keyless entry, door and window of the vehicle by remote.

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