In recent years, a large number of high-quality and high-quantity low-loss flexible cable assemblies have been widely used in mobile communications, military navigation and radar equipment. This has also prompted more and more people to pay close attention to cable assembly manufacturers with stable performance. Now we will briefly explain the application performance of low-loss flexible cable assemblies:

1. Good flexibility

Nowadays, low-loss flexible cable assemblies have gradually become one of the important solutions to one-stop high-performance radio frequency coaxial cable assemblies, because these low-loss flexible cable assemblies have good flexibility. It can freely switch the shape according to the requirements of mobile communication or base station radar, but no matter how the cable assembly changes, it will still maintain the original signal transmission capacity.

2. Low attenuation

Low-loss flexible cable assemblies are attracted by its low attenuation in more and more applications. No matter how far the base station is from the destination, it can achieve high-quality and high-volume long-distance transmission, and it can ensure low or even no attenuation of the signal in the transmission process.

3. Not easily affected by bad weather

The low-loss flexible cable assembly also has a better function of resistance to outdoor environments. No matter what the bad weather is, it cannot affect the normal transmission function of the low-loss flexible cable assembly.